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Non-Anesthetic Dental 

At Premier Vet Care Animal Clinic, we are excited to offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings, along with the normal anesthetic dental cleanings.

Advantages over regular dental cleanings:
1) Cheaper
2) No risk of being under general anesthesia
3) Quick procedure
4) Can undergo more regular dental cleanings without the risk of being put under too many times in too short of time span
5) Sign up for the maintenance plan and receive even more discounts on future non-anesthetic dental cleanings

Imagine how your teeth would look and feel if you didn’t brush them daily. The same applies to your pets’ teeth. Bad breath and stained teeth are unappealing, but many pet owners aren’t aware that these may be symptoms of serious gum disease. Unless you are regularly providing some form of dental care, you are neglecting an important factor in the overall health of your pet.

As an animal dentist provider, we deliver anesthesia free teeth cleanings. During a pet dental cleaning, we never use physical force on your pet. Our pet dental hygienist takes the time to build a level of comfort for even the most anxious of dogs and cats. Instruments are introduced gradually to allow your pet to become accustomed to their feel. We perform an in-depth examination, thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line, polish, irrigate, and re-examine after the procedure. All work is carefully documented. We will also explain to you what steps you can take at home to continue with your pet’s oral hygiene.

Not all pets are good candidates for anesthesia free teeth cleaning. Before any work with anesthesia is performed, Dr. Josh will assess your pet’s physical condition.

If you are interested in this procedure, please call today and make an appointment! 

Call 972-463-8387 to Request an Appointment Today!

THIS ---->https://premiervetcareanimalclinic.com/non-anesthetic-dental-cleaning.html

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