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Digital X-Rays

"I recommend yearly X-rays of the heart and bones so that we can effectively prevent heart disease and arthritis." -Dr. Josh Cope

At Premier Vet Care Animal Clinic, we are very pleased to have a state-of-the-art digital X-ray processing unit!  Digital X-rays provide a host of benefits for a veterinary practice and its patients.  They are much faster, far safer, easier to share, and provide superior results in comparison to traditional film X-rays.

A lot of time is saved by digital radiography since we bypass the chemical processing step that is necessary when taking X-rays on film. One of the greatest benefits of digital X-rays is the increased safety it provides for patients and staff members alike. Less radiation is used to produce a digital X-ray image than is used in producing an X-ray image on film. Less exposure to radiation translates to a safer experience for our patients and a less hazardous work environment for our staff. Since digital X-rays allow us to skip the chemical processing step that is a necessary part of developing X-rays on film, there is a huge reduction in chemical usage and hazardous material waste.  This means that digital X-rays are not only safer for our patients and our staff, but also for our natural environment as well.

Sharing X-rays is important when seeking specialist consultations. Digital X-ray files make this a snap, providing critical  information more quickly in emergency cases.

Digital X-ray gives us an image quality far superior to traditional film. The diagnostic power of digital X-ray allows us to discover disease sooner and identify problems with greater accuracy. With digital X-ray, we now have the ability to apply special image processing techniques that can enhance the overall display of the image. This means that Dr. Josh can review X-ray images with our clients and show and explain their findings with greater ease. 

We are proud to be able to offer digital X-ray services to our clients! So, next time your canine or feline companion needs to have an X-ray done, rest assured that we offer nothing but the best!

Benefits of Digital Radiography in Small Dogs & Cats:Digital X-ray with spoon in stomach

-Diagnosing and medicating a collapsing trachea at an earlier age.
-Diagnosing and medicating congenital heart deformities at an earlier age.
-Diagnosing fractures and luxations.
-Staging Heartworm Disease.
Evaluating metastatic cancer. 
-Diagnosing pneumonia.

-Diagnosing and treating bladder or kidney stones.
-Evaluating the severity of arthritis later in life. 

           Normal Heart                                          Heart Failure
Normal HeartHeart Failure

Benefits of Digital Radiography in Large Dogs:

-Diagnosing congenital hip dyplasia. Dr. Josh recommends X-raying all large breed dogs at 2 years of age even if clinical signs are not evident yet. If hip dysplasia is evident at 2 years, you can start joint supplementation so that the disease can be slowed down and your large dog can walk better later in life.Fracture
-Diagnosing gastric dilatation volvulus "when the stomach flips". This is life threatening and requires emergency surgery. In order to prevent this from happening, Dr. Josh recommends a gastropexy "stomach tacking" when all large breed dogs are spayed or neutered.
-Diagnosing fracture and luxations.
-Staging Heartworm Disease.
-Evaluating metastatic cancer.
-Diagnosing pneumonia.
-Diagnosing and treating bladder and kidney stones. 
-Evaluating the severity of arthritis later in life. 

Good HipsHip Dysplasia

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